About us

We specialize in planning and manufacturing geodesic domes and unique geometrical free-form constructions.

We provide design, calculation of estimates, manufacture of constructions and installation services.

We consult, design, produce and assemble a variety of geometric shapes of buildings or parts thereof – roofs, facades and other items, domes and free form structures. We manufacture various metal, wood, PVC sheet, glass and composite products in accordance with the clients submitted plans: metal constructions, fences, handrails, stairs and other individual products.

We work without territorial limitations; our clients are from many countries: Sweden, Finland, Norway, Estonia, Poland, Latvia, Spain, Italy, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Russia, Belarus.

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Looking for partners

Most of our products are made available to our customers through our distributors. Our team is constantly expanding. With the development of new products and improvement of our services we aim to strengthen the position of our distributors in the market. No matter when, we try our best to be flexible enough, to meet our partners’ needs, to process new ideas and deliver products on time with excellent quality. Would you like to indulge in the sale of quality products with a fair price tag? We welcome you to be one of  our distributors!