VikingDome team


To create architectural solutions that will bring people closer to the buildings of natural forms and create a harmonious environment for future generations.


A leading company in the field of free form glass facades and metal spatial structures.


To become the number one company which builders, architects and designers seek when looking for the solutions to their extraordinary projects.


To create a network of partners that can immediately serve customers anywhere in the world.


To create jobs where people can express and reach their full professional potential.


To be up-to-date with the latest technology, while following the principles of sustainable activities.


  • Company internal culture and support for the common idea;
  • Attracting the best specialists;
  • Safety and health of the employees;
  • Continuous development and innovation;
  • Maintenance of long-term relationships with partners;
  • Adaptation and flexibility;
  • Customer satisfaction improvement;
  • Attention to details, while maintaining a common vision;
  • Creation of long-term added value;
  • Achievement of ideal results;
  • Strictness to ourselves and others.



We provide a wide range of architectural services. We carry out construction information modelling (BIM) which allows project participants to effectively exchange information and help them smoothly organise the design, production and construction processes. We prepare technical and work projects, as well as pre-project proposals and visualisations. We carry out spatial planning procedures, handle documents for obtaining a building permit and transfer of the objects for operation and legalisation.


We produce various structures made of steel, aluminium, glass fibre, and constructional and glued wood. For construction, we not only use the best time-tested systems, but also unique solutions created by us. We manufacture structural billets for building domes. We sell separate bearing structure elements or complete systems ready for the installation.


We organize construction processes on the basis of general and subcontracting principles. We provide expert and consulting services on the design and construction of domes and free-shaped structures. We specialise in facades and bearing structures. We build one-layer, multilayer and spatial bearing structures. We install complex glass and multi-layered facades. We have a team of experienced steeplejacks.