Frameless, transparent and ready-to-build geodesic dome pavilion

Aura Dome™ Truly Unique Natural, elegant and ecient – this structure is everything! It is a shelter from unpredictable and unpleasant weather conditions while being the perfect point to stay connected with the environment.
AURA Dome™ is the ultimate choice for the hospitality industry like outdoor cafes, restaurants as well as entertainment businesses aiming to create added value.

What is AURA Dome?

Event or trade pavilion

They say there is no bad weather, only bad outwear. Now you have the right outwear for your event. Try to illuminate AURA!

Pop-up cafe

Let customers enjoy the view anytime anywhere!


Glamping solutions – luxury outdoor pavilion.

Garden igloo

Thanks to great acoustics ideal for playing or listening to the music. Take yoga, read the book of grab that single malt while having a pleasant chat with a friend – top-notch garden igloo!


Don’t hide what you grow and get all of the sunlight!


Fully transparent

Frameless polycarbonate structure – 360° view experience

UV resistant

The polycarbonate is UV resistant which means furniture and your stuff are safe even on a very sunny day.


Doesn’t brake, withstands high loads of wind, water, sand and snow. Thanks to the geometry AURA Dome remains stable, robust and resistant to any environmental conditions.

Two-way sound isolated

Polycarbonate is a transparent glass-like soundproofing barrier.

Micro ventilation

There are tiny air gaps between plates in the size of few mm, which makes Aura breathe infinitely. Still, Aura remains water, wind, sand or snow resistant.

Robust and resistant


AURA Dome projects

AURA D5. Restaurant terrace Bateaux-Mouches – Paris, France

Diameter 5 meters, floor area 20 m2


        • 3,6-meter diameter
        • 2.14-meter high
        • 10 square meters of floor space
        • UV protected polycarbonate sheets
        • Stainless steel door frame
        • PVC membrane zip doors (no glass door option)
        • Lifespan at least 10 years
        • Lead time 3 weeks

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