About the project

We have built 25 meters diameter event dome in the one of the most beautiful places near Lithuania’s capital “Vilnius Grand Resort”. This dome is located between main building and small lake for water skiing. Dome is mainly used for weddings and company parties.

Dome’s bearing structure is made using TUBE system. Galvanized steel tubes are pressed in the end of pipes and connected with bolts. Cover is made of two main parts: non transparent top and transparent panoramic sides. This type of PVC  cover combination provides perfect shading while maintaining good aerial view.


Project: 25 meter event dome

Client: Vilnius Grand Resort

Address: Vilnius, Lithuania

Type: Event dome

Surface area: 962 m2

Diameter: 25 m Height: 12,5 m

Hub system: TUBE

Dome coating: Opaque and transparent PVC tarpaulin