About the project

We have built 2 interconnected Icosahedron geometry event domes in Baku, the capital city of Azerbaijan. Both connected domes are standard 1/2 spheres division which is the strongest geodesic dome option possible. The same bearing structure was used twice. The first-time domes were used temporarily for event covered with silver colour PVC tarpaulin. After the event, the domes were reassembled in another place for a permanent usage and cover was changed to PVC tarpaulin.


Project: 2 interconnected domes for events 

Contractor: VikingDomeTM

Address: Baku, Azerbaijan

Type: Interconnected dome pavilions

Geometry: Icosahedron

Diameter: 20 m + 8 m Height: 10 m + 4 m

Floor area: 314 m2 + 113 m2

Bearing structure: stainless steel tubes

Hub system: TUBE system

Dome coating: Silver and white PVC tarpaulin with panoramic transparent sections