Dome for Events near Pabrade Lithuania

Interconnected Icosahedron geometry pavilions – dome in Pabrade. Stainless steel frame – TUBE construction. Dome material – ivory colored PVC tarpaulin fabric, panoramic windows – clear PVC tarpaulin. Three entrances are installed with decorative O-door system and two-leaf double glazed doors with used decorative awnings.

Inside, between the PVC tarpaulin material and curtains (decorating inner walls and ceiling), one-layer unwoven acoustic material is installed to reduce echoing.


Architect: Ričardas Stulpinas

Object: Dome for events – pavilion

Location: Jusinė, Pabradės r., Lithuania

Cover: Cream colour PVC tilt, transparent PVC tarpaulin panoramic window

Frame: Stainless steel

Type: Icosahedron geometry domes

Diameter: 20 m. + 13 m

Floor area: 880 m2