Dome for interior ceiling – Birštonas, Lithuania

Dome for interior ceiling construction made in galvanized steel (T80 and IPE140). Supporting details approved in a new inject details. Cover – white PVC tarpaulin fasten dome inside. Baseins place must be conformable climate condition, so 10 hole made in PVC tarpaulin for ventiliation.


Architectors: Audronė Miniotaitė , Viktorija Puodžiūtė, Robertas Gasionis

Object: Vytautas Mineral SPA, Dome for interior ceiling in pool area

Location: Birštonas, Lithuania

Frame: galvanised steel construction STAR T-80

Ceiling: PVC tarpaulin, white 630 gr/m2, welded, fixed inside dome frame

Cover: concrete floors to a next floor library 

Type: Geodesic dome Icosahedron

Diameter: 16 m

Height: 5 m