Glass Dome – Merkinė, Lithuania

A cold glass pavilion is builded in Merkinė with aluminium profiles and T70 node frame, STAR T-70 system. Throughout the construction of the pavilion, only aluminium details are used; even the nuts and bolts are made to order. The frame is covered by tempered 10 mm glass with 100 mcr security membrane. Membrane stops 96% sun energy. 5 windows in first row of dome, and 5 window on top. Installing time 6 weeks.


Object: Glass Dome

Location: Merkinė, Lithuania

Cover: 10 mm glass with 100 mcr security membrane

Frame: Aliuminium STAR T-70

Type: Geodesic dome Icosahedron V8 Class = 1  Zenith = Z

Diameter: 23 m

Height: 13  m

Floor area: 415 m2

Total glass area: 1000 m2

Glass panels:  720  (22 Types)