About the project

In Vilnius, Ukmergės st. 124, we are building skylight, whose geometry consists of triangles – geodesic dome type. It will be one of the main accents of the whole building, and there will be terrace on top of the roof where people will enjoy the city’s panorama. Without a doubt, this is one of our most elegant projects.

Contractor provided us with these tasks: maximum light transmittance and minimal constructional weight.

The biggest challenges in this project were small skylight height compared to it’s surface area (small surface slopes) and designing proper grid layout for optimal frame design. This skylight is special because it consists of two low-profile domes, which are joined into one eight-shaped structure.

The lower the slope, the higher the snow load on the surface. We designed a 18-meter-long and 122 m2 surface area skylight, with a total elevation of only 1.1 meters and frame diameter of only 8 centimeters. Meanwhile, with typical frame systems it would require massive structures which would block a lot of incoming light. Such parameters can be achieved by only using geodesic structure type (segments are split by triangles).


Object: Skylight of the Business center U124

Contractor: UAB Asgaard Property

Address: Ukmergės g. 124, Vilnius, Lietuva

Architects:  UAB Archinova + PLH arkitekter A/S

Type: Dome-shaped skylight

Surface area: 122 m2

Length: 17,7 m Width: 9,3 m Heigth: 1,1 m

Bearing structure: steel T profiles, powder coating

Hub system: T-STAR 80

Facade system: Reynaers

Dome coating: A++ energy class double-chamber glass packets.

Outer glass Middle glass  Inner glass
8 mm tempered 6 mm tempered 6 mm safety glass

Dome coating installation type: Structural glazing

Smoke exhaust: 12 triangle-shaped automatic openable windows