Insulated residential domes for the Alpin Cocoon ski resort

About the project

Located in Les Orres, France, 700 m from Preclaux Chairlift, Alpin Cocoon is a newly developed property providing accommodation, ski-to-door access, and a terrace. At VikingDome we have designed and build domes together with the French partner Fugu Structures in 2019. Nine insulated domes of the diameter of 7,2-meters and 4-meter height fixed to the wooden terraces are part of the first phase of the property development. The second phase is forecasted for 2020.

The Challenge

To design and develop the insulated dome envelope suitable for all-year-round use in the mountains with temperature variations, high loads of rain and snow. One of the main tasks was to develop the custom solution for the condensation at the area of the panoramic window to avoid moisture on the oak struts of the carcass of the dome.


7-layer custom-designed insulated envelope made to extract moisture from the envelope itself and extract moisture from the inside of the dome. The panoramic window oak struts are made with inclusive cut polycarbonate stripes that adjoin with the window to avoid condensation and moisture rest on the wood.


  • The project: Alpin Cocoon, accommodation ski resort
  • Contractor: Fugu Structures, France
  • Location: Les Orres, France
  • Design and production: VikingDome
  • Type: Insulated geodesic dome
  • Size: diameter 7,2 m, height 3,9 m, floor area 40 sqm
  • Hub system: VikingDome STAR Wood
  • Bearing structure: oak and pine wood
  • Dome coating: 7-layer insulated custom envelope

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