About the project

In the suburbs of Vilnius city, two interconnected dome pavilion was built. The client of this remote and calm countryside needed something unique to attract more clients. Most of the sites in this area have typical wooden architecture houses which are similar in looks and clients can’t separate one business to other.

Interconnected Icosahedron geometry pavilions – dome in Pabrade. Stainless steel frame – TUBE construction. Dome material – ivory colored PVC tarpaulin fabric, panoramic windows – clear PVC tarpaulin. Three entrances are installed with a decorative O-door system and two-leaf double glazed doors with used decorative awnings.

Inside, between the PVC tarpaulin material and curtains (decorating inner walls and ceiling), one layer of unwoven acoustic material is installed to reduce echoing.


Project: Interconnected dome pavilion

Architect: Ričardas Stulpinas

Contractor: VikingDomeTM

Address: Jusinė, Pabradės r., Lithuania

Type: Interconnected dome pavilion

Geometry: Icosahedron

Diameter: 20 m. + 13 m

Floor area: 314 m2 + 132 m2

Bearing structure: stainless steel tubes

Hub system: TUBE system

Cover: Cream color and transparent PVC tarpaulin combination