Northernmost Aurora Resort – Hammerfest, Norway (PP)

About the project

Here, further north in Europe, an unusual, exclusive center for international tourists is planned, inspired by earth houses, fishing huts and coastal culture from past times’ hard lives among Sea Sami and other people at the shores of some of the world’s most dangerous waters. These people often slept under their boats when they were fishing and catching. We have symbolized this through glass boats on the roofs of seven planned earth houses. Top modern glass construction and engineering combined with powerful history!

In total, 42 exclusive suites will be built, letting the northern lights, the rough landscapes and the ever-changing weather come extremely close. In addition, there will be developed a common, circle shaped yard for activities, restaurant, bar, spa, sauna and more. In the middle of the yard a big lavvo (Sami tent) made of glass!

Mysterious, romantic, exotic and challenging, here at the top of the World!


Project: Northern light glamping resort (Project proposal)

Contractor: VikingDomeTM

Architect: Aage Myhre

Address: Hammerfest, Norway

Type: Mixed architecture hospitality complex


  • 7 luxury Boat like suites
  • Glass restaurant lavvo (pyramid)
  • 24 Fisherman cabins