Parametric design pavilion – Chameleon – Resta 2018

About project

In the construction fair “Resta 2018” we have built a parametric design pavilion “Chameleon” for our partner architecture magazine “Structum”. This free form structure consists of individual 499 struts and not recurring 374 hubs. Pavilion is covered with moss and triangle shape Alucobond panels which gives a different feel of shape and color from any angle. Total height of this pavilion is 6.5 meters and it occupies the space of 80 m2 making it excelent space for meetings and social activities.


Object: Fair pavilion “Chameleon”

Customer: “Structum

Address: Litexpo, Vilnius, Lithuania

Architects:  Gertrūda Šaliūtė, Ignas Miciulevičius

Type: Temporary parametric pavilion

Surface area: 160 m2

Lenght: 15.5 m Width: 5 m Height: 6.5 m

Bearing structure: White painted wood (499 pieces)

Hub system: STAR (374 pieces)

Cover: moss and plants + Alucobond triangles