About the project

In this botanical garden project VikingDome® has implemented top notch solutions starting from the bearing structure, to a highly customized glazing system.

It is really hard to grow tropical plants in northern areas due to unpredictable weather conditions: very uneven sunlight exposure during the year, lots of snow covering transparent recumbent facades, temperature differences between -20°C up to +30°C. As this botanical garden is cover all over with glass and located next to public spaces, privacy issue had to be solved.

Main tasks:

  • High energy efficiency
  • Condensation removal
  • Snow melting
  • Privacy protection

This building consists of two floors with a basement. Part of this building is dedicated for palm trees, ferns and other exotic tropical plants. In these type of botanical gardens high levels of humidity and heat are causing condensation on the inner layer of the glass. To remove this problem the inner layer of the glass is heatable. Also there are 17 automatic openable triangle-shaped windows. To avoid the problem of not having enough sunlight during the snowy winter days outer glass pane is also heated to melt the snow. Condensation removal, snow melting and window opening is controlled by one system which includes climate sensors and BMS automatics.


Project: Private Botanical Garden

Contractor: UAB “Klaipėdos statyba”

Address: Lithuania

Architects: A405 UAB, Gintaras Čičiurka

Type: Free-Form Building

Surface area: 945 m2

Length: 21 m Width: 21 m Height: 9 m

Bearing structure: Prefabricated steel H and T profiles S375,  anti corrosion coating Class C3 Tikkurila®, finishing surface ZERO®  RAL110M metallic.

Hub system: Combined VikingDome® T-STAR 80, T-STAR 120, T-STAR 150, H-STAR 300

Facade system: Reynaers®

Glazing: A++ energy class double-chamber glass packets wall and roof U ≤0,9 W/m²K

Dome coating installation type: Structural glazing

Smoke exhausting and ventilation: 17 triangle-shaped automatic openable windows