About the project

In Barcelona we have built a tunnel-shaped dome for watching football match between two biggest Spanish teams Real Madrid and FC Barcelona in 2017.

Due to very hot Spanish weather most of domes there are built with some kind of insulation. Either it is single or double glass packets, or other insulating opaque materials such as rock wool, polyurethane etc. In this case VikingDome® used PVC sandwich panels which are very light and has high R value. For more pleasant and “warm” exterior looks plywood finishing was selected. Plywood was decorated with colorful paintings.

Dome is equipped with 50 seats looking towards large scale curved projection screen.


Project: Tunnel-shaped dome

Address: Barcelona, Spain

Architects: VikingDome®

Type: Insulated event dome

Length: 12 m Width: 8,3 m Heigth: 4,5 m

Bearing structure: Steel T profiles, powder coating

Hub system: T-STAR 50

Dome coating: Sandwich insulation panels + plywood