About the project

This project was one of the biggest ones for VikingDome using TUBE system as a bearing structure. We have built two estrada type domes for local sheikh daughters wedding.

These estradas have 30 meters span each with a height of 15 meters. Such a estradas can be built next to each other making a full dome or used as a separate estradas as in this project situation. Estradas were covered with elegant light creme color PVC tarpaulin.

Because of huge wind uplift forces additional TUBE system arch was used to reinforce the structure. Additionally two types of fixing to the ground were used for extra safety: screw poles and concrete weights.


Project: Two OCTA estrada type event domes

Address: Karachi, Pakistan

Architects: VikingDome

Type: Estrada type event domes

Surface area: 1410 m2

Diameter: 30 m Height: 15 m

Bearing structure: Galvanized steel tubes

Hub system: TUBE system

Dome coating: PVC tarpaulin