STAR Connectors for DIY geodesic domes

STAR Connectors for DIY geodesic domes are made of 3 mm thick galvanized (Zn) 20 mcr., S350GD + Z275MAthick steel. Laser-cut star-shaped parts with great anti-corrosion protection can be used with metal, timber, aluminium, and glass fibre frames. Suitable for cold and insulated constructions.

Most popular VikingDome STAR Standart Connectors sets pricelist:

Set for Dome frame Frequency F3
Set for Dome frame Frequency F4
 Galvanized connectors STAR Standart 61 pcs
Galvanized connectors STAR Standart 91 pcs
Galvanized screws 660 pcs included
Galvanized screws 1000 pcs included
Total weight: 19 Kg
Total weight: 28 Kg
Suitable for domes in diameter of 3-9 meters
Suitable for domes in diameter of 4-12 meters
Price: 645 Eur (VAT excl.) / 695 USD (VAT excl.)
Price: 860 Eur (VAT excl.) / 940 USD (VAT excl.)

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