Dome shaped buildings


VikingDome designs, manufactures and builds unique domes which not only look spectacular, but also have special features. Domes much better withstand wind and snow than other types of buildings, therefore, domes can be manufactured from smaller quantities and lighter materials. Several domes can be connected to one common complex space, connect to existing structures or operate as separate buildings. Dome constructions, coating and other parameters are adapted for each climate zone. For building domes, we use not only the best time-tested systems, but also unique solutions that we have created.

With state-of-the-art modern technologies, we can build a dome-shaped structure of any purpose, such as a winter garden, an orangery, a residential house, a glass skylight, a dome for events, or a protective dome. We participate in all stages of the dome construction, from visualization and design to production and construction works. By choosing us, you are guaranteed to get the best dome solutions.

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Dome skylights

With our technology, we can manufacture modern and aesthetic dome skylights which not only perform the main function of lighting, but can also become the main architectural accent of a building. The dome skylight can be fitted with special automatic windows or smoke extraction openings. We can also arrange glass anti-condensation surface or heated glass. We offer single, double or even triple-glazed dome skylights.

Dome winter gardens and orangeries

Dome buildings are frequently chosen by the designers of winter gardens, orangeries and zoos. A good distribution of airflow and natural light distribution in the dome ensures excellent conditions for the plants. We build Climatronic domes with climate control systems that allow growing tropical plants, even in the northern climatic zone. It also ensures controlled diffusion of different solar radiation into the interior of the dome, as well as regulates temperature, humidity and air flow. It gives the possibility to build large spaces without columns and beams, which is largely beneficial to dome buildings.

Dome cafes and restaurants

Dome buildings attract people like a magnet. Add value to your business with dome-shaped cafes and restaurants. Your potential customers are looking not only for the extraordinary places to relax, but also the possibility of having a meal and being entertained. We can also build temporary timber seasonal pavilions and insulated glass restaurants for all seasons. Cafes can be built on water or sand dunes. Share your fantasy, and we will make it a reality for your customers.

Dome hotels and campsites

Dome-shaped buildings are especially attractive for businesses offering accommodation services. Buildings of exceptional architecture and layout draw the attention of holidaymakers and tourists. We build dome camping cottages, luxury glass tourist houses and their complexes.

Dome residential houses

Dome shapes may be adapted for residential construction as well. People who are looking for a natural and harmonious space for life choose dome houses. In such houses, authentic interior solutions are implemented, and the possibilities of using light are unlimited. We can also build residential houses of the highest standard of energy efficiency for people of the northern region, and laconic homes of light structures for people living in the south. We offer a wide selection of constructions and coatings for dome houses.

Domes for events

Lightweight and quickly assembled domes are designed for concerts, celebrations or exhibitions. Domes can be connected to each other to create one complex. Such domes are coated with PVC tent which can be divided into transparent and sun blocking sections. Domes for events are mounted on any solid foundation and attached to a heavy ballast or fixed to the foundation. The firmness of the dome structures and the thickness of the tent are selected according to the geographical area to withstand any snow and wind loads.

Dome stages and platforms for events

We produce quickly assembled platforms (lightweight and space-saving) for event organizers or stationary platform buildings with additional accessories for light installations and other auxiliary structures. No extra pillars and massive structures – dome platforms look light and are functional.

Domes for sport

Domes are perfectly adapted for riding or running maneges, other athletic sports, as well as for tennis courts, dance halls, ice arenas, etc. A dome for sports or similar activities can be designed in egg, oval or rounded rectangular shapes. Our architectural possibilities allow us to adapt to the needs of a particular project while retaining attractive dome shapes.

Protective domes

Domes are intended to protect existing structures or areas from atmospheric exposure, such as sun, rain, snow and wind. Domes of this type are used to cover existing buildings or protect art objects and heritage structures. They can be adapted for museums, archaeological excavations, etc. Protective domes can be both temporary and stationary buildings. Glass, polycarbonate or clear tent domes are most commonly used to give the effect of fusion with the environment and let in as much light as possible.

Dome hangars for airplanes

Metal-shaped domes with full-sphere or half-sphere frames are designed for climbing plants. We create wonderful climbing plants with dome architecture. All you need do is to plant climbing plants under the dome edges, the foliage of which will form an impressive and unique structure which will change each year.

Dome greenhouses

Great choice for those looking for a unique place for gardening. Dome greenhouses are convenient since they can be transformed into arbours or orangeries. They come with open windows, special doors and ventilation chambers. We can build simple tent-covered greenhouses for traditional gardening or luxurious orangery glass glasshouses for harmonious relaxation surrounded by plants.

Dome arbours

You can have a great evening in such an arbour and enjoy the rest under the dome vault. Arbours are often damaged by strong winds since an open-side coating construction makes it like a wind sail. We can build extremely firm dome arbours which will be several times more resistant to wind and will certainly look exclusive and elegant. We offer small arbours for only several people for private gardens or larger pavilions for events.

Dome climbing frames and playgrounds

Dome shapes are perfect for playground climbing frames. They develop children’s motoring, fantasy and, of course, physical activity. We design and manufacture safe playgrounds and separate climbing frames where children can play and get to know the world.

Dome shaped supports fo climber plants

These full or half-sphere metal frames are designed for climbing plants. Create exceptional beauty sculptures with dome architecture. Everything you need to plant climbing plants under the dome, the foliage of which will form an impressive and unique structure, changing each year.

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If you know what type, purpose and diameter of a dome you would like, you can use our dome price calculator and get a special offer!

Do you have a vision of your dome in mind? Contact us and we will help you fulfil your dream project. We’ll bring it into reality!

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