Dome accessories


Openable skylights

The dome can be fitted with a triangular, pentagonal or hexagonal rising skylight which is used for additional ventilation.

Smoke extraction windows

Automatically opened windows for smoke extraction from the premises. Automatic electric actuators 24V or 230V operating in a complex with fire alarm.

Service ladder

We offer steel arched structures with steps and armrests for glass facade servicing. The ladder contains a curved rail through the perimeter of a dome, and a mechanical or electric gear for the rotation of the ladder to its working position. Service ladders are mounted either inside or outside.

Lighting solutions for domes

Various types of luminaires can be attached to the frame or assemblies. Wires are fixed in ducts or inside aluminium profiles. Solutions for standard lighting or complex lighting systems for the events, installations or projections are available.


ZIP windows

Triangular ZIP windows – PVC tent windows are fastened with zippers. There is a detachable mesh against insects inside.

Top ventilation opening

The upper part of a dome is fitted with self-ventilated chambers.

Mobile flooring

Depending on the type of event and the number of people, the load can be 400kg-800kg per sq. m. Flooring is moisture-resistant laminated plywood with non-slip surface or carpet or other finish coating. Steel supporting anti-corrosion frame with hot zinc coating Zn.

Circle door

This type of entrance is equipped with the entrance arc mounted on the dome frame. It can be left as an open entrance or covered with tent curtains.

HEXA door

Doors are formed by removing several dome elements and leaving the hexagonal entrance. It can be left open or covered with tent curtains.


O-door design is used when a stylish tambour is required. This tambour is fitted with a standard opening door with glass or filler, plastic or aluminium profile frames, door handles and locks. Door dimensions can be individually adjusted.

O-tunnel tambour

A doorless O-tunnel design is used when a passageway between multiple domes is required.

Advertising on domes

We can offer suspended, glued or printed advertising on your domes. In addition, we install banner holders.


Ballast options: concrete blocks, metal weights, sand bags, and water tanks. They are usually used where drilling or stationary foundation cannot be made.

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