We design and manufacture multifunctional, easily assembled, temporary or stationary pavilions. Classic or modern design, gazebo or country style.

Pavilions are practical solution for events, seasonal cafes, summerhouses, gazebos, event stages.

We offer a wide selection of measurements, designs, colours and function. The measurement may vary from few sq.m up to few thousand sq.m.

The most popular covers are coloured or clear PVC tarpaulin and impregnated textiles. Steel, aluminum or wooden frames. As well as their combinations.

Pavilions are of a very specific construction, therefore an expertise is required to design and manufacture those types of buildings. Our team has designed and built a variety of pavilions and our experience allows us to select the most appropriate framework materials, assembly systems and covers, regarding the client’s needs and expectations.

Pavilion can be fastened to the ground, or ground screws, or fastened with weights. Stationary constructions are fastened to the concrete foundation and constructional anchors.

The warm temperatures are maintained using standard heating systems or heaters.

Pavilions can be designed and assembled with various types of entrances, promotional units, floors and windows. We also can install inner ventilation system. Find out more information – Pavilions accessories.

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