Pavilion cover materials

PVC tent

PVC tarpaulin

The pavilion cover with fastening devices is used to cover the dome. The distensible PVC tarpaulin cover material is manufactured from high quality, strong, long-lasting reinforced PVC tarpaulin sheet moulded with hot air or HF equipment. Wide range of colours here. This covering material is not flammable in conformity with the requirements of DIN 4102 B1. Weight of the material is 600–1500 g/m².

Windows, a panoramic window or a whole transparent pavilion can be manufactured from non-reinforced PVC tarpaulin. Sheet thicknesses from 0.4 mm to 1.5 mm. The finishing of transparent sheet products is normally made of reinforced white or coloured PVC tarpaulin.

PVC tarpaulin curtain-type door. The door sheet details are attached to the dome with fasteners tied with an elastic expanding rope.

By adding an extra PVC layer with an air gap, heat insulation is achieved. Using a compressor and flexible tubes, warm/cold air can be passed into the air gaps. Additionally an anti-condensation membrane can be installed, a layer of acoustic liner to reduce echoing, or a layer of sound-insulating material.

The sheet is attached to the body (frame) in several ways: tied with an elastic expanding rope, belts, studs with fastening nuts.

The frame is attached to the foundation (pavement, terraces…) by means of load-bearing nodes. The load-bearing nodes of the dome can be secured by anchors, wood screws or bolts.  If no fastening can be made at the function venue, weights (sand bags or other ballast) can be used.

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Transparent PVC tarpaulin

A panoramic window or full transparent dome can be made of a transparent reinforced PVC sheet. Sheet thicknesses from 0.4 mm to 1.5 mm. Transparent sheet product decoration usually made from reinforced, white or colored PVC sheet.


Impregnated textile

AIRTEX® classic is perfect for solar protection applications. This 200 g/m² light fabric is a 100% polyester fabric, which is coated with acrylate on one side and impregnated. The special coating givesAIRTEX® classic a distinctively textile character.AIRTEX® classic has outstanding properties in comparison with dyed materials made of polyester fabric or cotton: