Dome accessories

Green House, 5 m, London, Exodome

ZIP windows

Triangle shaped ZIP type windows made of PVC material. Contents of protective bug mesh inside. Could be used in conjunction with most types of dome cover meterials.

OCTA15 F8 Eurovizija Floor

Easy assembling dome floor

Load 400-800 kg/m2. Water ressistant laminated plywood with non-slip surface. Steel frame with anti-corrosive Zn coating.

futuristic geometric led structure

LED lighting

LED strip lighting. We are selling different aluminum frames for LED lighting.

OCTA dome for rent

Video projections inside domes

We offer video projections inside domes. It can work in two ways: projections being displayed from inside the dome for dome visitors inside, or using semi transperent dome PVC cover, projections could be visible to visitors on the outside of the dome too. To awoid PVC tranparency to projections it is possible to use BlockOut PVC cover to ensure light blocking.

O- door tambour

O-door portals

hexa door

HEXA door – hexagon PVC curtain doors

O- door

Circle door – round PVC curtain doors


O-door – round doors with plastic frame

PVC removable banner

Dome branding

Each dome could be branded in many ways. From  a simple stickers on PVC cover, to lazer cut metal parts and segments.

gravel ballast


Gives some weigth for temporary dome pavilions. Custom made for each project.