This is a completely new product on the dome market which has been highly welcomed by the enthusiasts of geodesic domes. From the very beginning we have been enslaved with the idea of this dome design and believed that this is the aspiration of the dome architecture, as well as the future with its integrity, ease and naturalness of shapes. So let’s meet AURA dome!

The philosophy of AURA dome. As the person changes, colours become purer and vice versa – muddled. If the human soul was absolutely harmonious, all the colour waves would mingle and the human aura would be purely white and virtuous. It is the colour of cosmic energy, happiness, peace of mind, inner nobility, goodness, success, purity and maturity which is revealed by AURA – a clear, frameless dome reflecting the convergence with the highest harmony and energy of the nature.

Yoga room

Luxurious greenhouse

Personal office

Exhibition space

Glamping dome

Trading pavilion

Unique frameless design

The dome consists of individual transparent hexagon plates connected with tiny screws.

Diameter from 4,5 up to 8 meters

Its height is at least 2.8 m. AURA Dome can be up to 8 m in diameter and 50 m2 in floor space.

Transparent doors

The dome is equipped with extremely resistant polycarbonate doors in an elegant door jamb.

Worldwide delivery

Delivery takes from 14 to 40 days. The type of delivery depends on the distance and continent.

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