Children’s playground jungle gyms and their complexes

We make jungle gyms in the shapes of domes, spheres and other small architecture. We prepare installation drawings, we calculate the safety zone and we provide solutions for installing the elements in the yard. All the playground complexes are safe – their construction complies with Standard EN 1176. Public use products comply with Standards EN1176-1 to -7. Products have a 24-month guaranty. We stock spare parts and accessories. Dome-shaped children’s play areas are long-lasting.

Various materials are used for the frame: stainless steel, galvanised or painted steel, aluminium or composite profiles. Metal of small architecture structures are protected from corrosion by galvanisation, followed by the application of a quality paint finish using the powder method. Wooden elements are impregnated using the vacuum method. Protective fittings are made from organic substances not harmful to health. A great selection of colours and accessories allows architects and designers to more accurately implement their ideas.